13177207_10205407948631875_829987314483469844_nHello, my name is Cath Ford and I am a community artist and illustrator from Blackburn in Lancashire. I am about to set off on an adventure with the Lancashire County Council Mobile Library Service. The plan is to meet people, collect stories, take photographs and make some drawings of the life of the six mobile libraries in the county, the people who work on them and the people who use them.

Over the next six weeks or so I will be out and about with the libraries then coming back to my attic studio to start creating illustrations based on my experience. The plan is to create something (and you might have noticed I am being a little vague, which is deliberate) that can be shared in the new year to let people who use the static libraries in the county know all about the mobile libraries. What that will be, I have no idea yet.

I love working with the Lancashire Library Service, I have been artist in residence at Burnley Central Library and worked in lots of the branch libraries in Pennine Lancashire over the years. This is the first time I will have been mobile though, which is incredibly exciting and I am appreciative of the librarians who have invited me on routes which have decent loo stops.

I thought you might like to see a recent illustration I did for a family storytelling event in Burnley which will give you an idea of my style and interests.

Green Red Blue

My plan is to keep this blog updated between now and March to share my progress and to connect people to the project.

The project is being funded by Arts Council England and managed by Culturapedia who are the team behind Spot On Lancashire