Day Six Drawing


Ooh I have struggled with this drawing. The final illustration from my days out with the mobile libraries has had me stumped and I started it many times, stopping almost as many. A bout of shingles which struck the inside of my right forearm (my drawing arm) hasn’t helped, but I should have had this done ages before that arrived.

I have pondered, and that was my downfall. I have pondered when really I should have been drawing. My A Level art teacher, when we would complain of ‘lack of inspiration’, would remind us that ‘art is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration’. I forgot.

So, I have put in the woman hours, tried some new ideas (some successful, some not so) and I think I now know the direction that the final illustrations will take. All I need to remember now is to do more and ponder less. Inevitably, with it being that time of year and everything, my doing over the coming weeks will be fueled by mince pies, cheese and Baileys, so it’ll be interesting to see the impact that has on the process.

Thanks for joining me on this journey so far. I hope you have a really lovely Christmas and a peaceful and happy 2018.

Sheila and Boys

Clive and Clive


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