It takes more than a drawing to get the full picture

I have spent days on five of the six mobile libraries now (I still have to blog and draw my day with Victoria from Ormskirk Library and will be heading out with Clive from Whalley Library in a few weeks). These initial drawings were very much a way of me exploring themes and ideas, of sharing the process and to thank the people on each route.

Last week, with Victoria, I took print outs of the first three drawings and we were able to share them with borrowers to give people an idea of my work and what had happened to date. Whilst they were interested and most liked the style, I realised that without text they don’t really mean much to people. One woman asked ‘Am I supposed to understand what these are about?’ (in a much nicer way than that sounds!) and I realised that without text, without context, they really are just aide memoire for me and familiar images to a very few of the people who use the Mobile Libraries.

I will definitely continue this style until I have created a drawing for each of the libraries, but realise even more now how important text is to help people get the full picture.



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